Individual Psychotherapy

How Can Individual Therapy Help You?

If you tend to worry a lot, are going through a rough time, find yourself in a conflictual or disconnected relationship, rarely feel deeply happy, are lonely even with others, suffer with feelings of inadequacy or shame, have difficulty letting go of the past, experience frequent restlessness or dissatisfaction, or struggle with not feeling in control of your life, I can help you. You do not have to simply endure!

My approach is attachment-based, trauma-informed and integrates my training in interpersonal neurobiology, systems theory and body/brain experiential approaches such as EMDR, mindfulness, parts work, sand tray, and somatic awareness.

Below are the most common issues adults come to me for help with:

Relationship issues
Childhood Emotional Neglect
Life Transitions
Early Adulthood and Identity

Work challenges and career exploration
Depression and mood disorders
Highly Sensitive Persons
Self Esteem

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Many of us can easily rattle off all the reasons why we struggle in life: less-than-ideal childhoods, trauma, personality tendencies, birth order issues, being bullied, and so on …. And yet, we discover over time that endlessly analyzing and logically understanding our problems doesn’t make them go away. 

Thanks to strides in technology and brain research, we now have ample evidence that traditional talk therapy, while helpful, is usually not enough to make the deep and lasting changes that will make your life better.  In order to create new neural networks in the brain that will override the old, less-functional ones (i.e. triggered reactions and automatic negative thoughts or self-beliefs), I will work with you in session to achieve more awareness and connection among your emotions, your bodily sensations and impulses, and your various senses, in addition to your thoughts.

While insight, improved communication strategies and interpersonal skill-building are important parts of healing and positive change, for many of us, they are simply not enough.  Neither is being hard on ourselves, comparing ourselves to others, and telling ourselves to “just get over it”.  In fact, expecting ourselves to fix all our problems by ourselves not only makes us feel worse, it goes against basic human nature.

The fact is that, in spite of pervasive societal messages favoring self-reliance and independence, humans are biologically wired to rely on one another.  And in order to heal from past hurts and re-connect with the fully integrated, creative, joyful and open-hearted selves we were born to be, we need to find that sweet spot between autonomy and close connection.  In individual therapy with me, our positive relationship will create an environment in which you can safely explore all parts of yourself without shame or judgment.

You are not alone.  You are not meant to do this alone.  All healing comes through relationship.

So much of our suffering comes not from the events and people in our lives, but, rather, from our endless attempts to change, fix, analyze and control them.  We can be so hard on ourselves and on those we love! Interestingly, the better we are able to let go of that impulse to control, the more connected we feel with ourselves and others.

Perhaps the most important work we will do together in therapy is developing and honing your ability to observe your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations with curiosity, compassion and acceptance.  Accepting what is at any given moment liberates us from the fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold us back in our lives and in our relationships.  From there all healing begins…

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