Sheilah MurphySheilah Murphy, Therapist

The work I do with my clients is informed every step of the way by my own varied life experiences, from teaching Italian for many years at the University of Texas at Austin and raising three kids as a single parent, to growing up in a family of 12, working with adolescents at a Montessori middle school, and co-leading intensive outpatient groups at Seton Behavioral Health.

Divorce, loneliness, career changes and uncertainty, health issues, insomnia, ADHD, and chaos/stressors in my family of origin have been some of the personal challenges in my life which I have been able to overcome and transcend through my own personal work, and which contribute to the compassion, understanding and insight I offer as an effective therapist.

We are all seeking that particular combination of circumstances in which we can most fully inhabit our best selves.  I have discovered that helping others become happier, stronger and more connected allows me to be my best self.

Whether as a therapist, teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, parent, romantic partner, sister, daughter, or friend, the common denominator in all my life experiences has been my passion for understanding myself and others and finding ways to tap into our curious, creative, joyful and intuitive best selves.  Try as we might, we cannot achieve that alone.

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