Online Therapy and Couples Counseling in Texas

Online Individual Therapy and Online Couples Counseling

In response to COVID-19, I am offering online therapy for individuals and online couples counseling to residents of Texas through a HIPPA-compliant secure platform called Telehealth.

Online Therapy for Individuals

Anxiety, Trauma and Relationship Challenges

Has the increased isolation and social distancing from COVID-19 brought to the forefront personal issues such as anxiety, loneliness, depression and trauma that you had previously successfully managed (or ignored)?

Are challenges in your relationships or in your marriage becoming more evident as you no longer have the distractions of life pre-COVID-19? Are you feeling more anxious, struggling with mood, focus or sleep? Is working from home making it more difficult to focus and be productive? Perhaps you are noticing ADHD tendencies are becoming more of a problem, or fears about what lies ahead are interfering with your well-being. Maybe you’ve developed an evening routine of numbing out anxiety through snacking, Netflix binge-watching, smoking too much weed, or drinking more than is good for you.

If any of the above describe you, I can help. . .

This is an unprecedented time in our lives. Trying to manage on our own all the emotions, anxieties and challenges arising in response to the pandemic is simply too hard.

We are not meant to handle situations like this alone!

I am here to listen and help you do the challenging and rewarding work of looking within to achieve the kind of life and relationships you want.

To read more about individual therapy with me, see Individual Therapy.

Online Couples Counseling

The added stress to marriages and relationships of staying at home with your spouse or partner 24/7 as a result of COVID-19 is causing many to seek online couples counseling.

Even with the best of partners, relationships can be challenging. When you add to the mix disruption of normal routines and pleasurable activities, limited ability to socialize with others, financial insecurity, worry about one’s health and the well-being of loved ones, and uncertainty about when life will get back to normal, it’s not surprising that couples are reaching out for guidance from a skilled professional.

I am passionate about working with couples and making couples counseling available online for everyone.

To read more about couples counseling with me, see Couples Counseling.

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